Hey I'm Morgan! Me and my camera have grown up in the Bay loving every minute! My grandpa learned to photograph as a “hobby” with Ansel Adams (right!?) and I was lucky to be surrounded by amazing photos of our California landscape & my grandparents' travel around the world. 

My aesthetic grew from there and has evolved from natural to urban and back again. I take that with me as I capture the spirit of my clients in all that they do -- whether that's an original and unique looking headshot or their kiddos playing in the sand or two lovebirds running around on their wedding day!  I see the world in big, bright, contrast -- photography let's me share that with you.  

Social Justice is (and always has been) at the heart of everything I do -- as seen in my photojournalism photography, or in my 15 years in education and community building.  When I'm not taking photos, I'm travel writing, building the women's organization I co-founded That's What She Said, or putting my Masters Degree to work with leadership consulting & strategic planning.   I get it all done with joy at the center through an awesome tool I created called "Hustle & Play™" that is a workbook I'll be launching in 2020.  Stay tuned!