Morgan's Monday Moments -- Photos Tell Your Business Story Better

October 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

There are so many ways our businesses thrive, and I can't stress enough how quality photos make all the difference.  I think some of us, and I don't want to date us by saying we are "older," but we are a bit conditioned to think having a camera in front of us or around us makes us vain.  I know that I definitely suffer from that!  I am the one behind the camera (duh!) so I get to avoid being in front of it!  Whoo hoo!! But I know that's to my detriment, as if I had more photos of me behind the scenes I'd probably tell a better story of me to my clients.

Enter my brave clients who have taken this leap for their businesses.  They are entrepeneurs who understand who important it is that their audience understand how amazing they are.  I have been working with more and more of them lately, and it's truly inspiring to sit down, discuss the images they are trying to achieve, and then work towards a final product together.  

For example, Alexis is building her awesome business, Move Happy Massage, and needed some quality photos to update her website.  It's important that her clients have a good idea of who she is, but also that her space is warm, inviting and therapeutic.  We had a ball shooting with her model, Heather, who is also a small business owner.  Turns out there's a very fine line between looking like you are giving a relaxing massage and working with a corpse!! haha..  I think we found a happy medium though, and her photos look not only amazing... more importantly they tell an accurate story of her amazing work as a masseuse.  

With Timur, from InTensional Running, there was a very similar need in a completely different industry.  As a running and wellness coach, much of his business relies on great relationships and it's equally important to show his expertise in the field.  We shot at Lake Merritt where is "office" is most of the time with clients, so they can see where they'd be and how friendly and easy going Timur is!  It was important to get a variety of shots in different outfits, so he can use them for lots of different promotional materials.

Estee Fletter has been my yoga teacher for years so I jumped at the chance to take photos and capture her magic at a retreat last year.  She is one of those truly humble teachers whose magic is hard to quantify, so I felt the pressure to get photos to tell her story!  The retreat was at Mayacamas Ranch in Calistoga and literally as soon as I got there all the calming energy just took over.  Her teachings speak for themselves as she sells out retreats all year and has full classes all week long, but as she promotes these things she needs new photos.  It's been so great to see how she can use the various kinds of photos we got throughout the year.  She always makes sure to remind me how much she hates being in front of the camera, and I'm proud of her for facing the fear because others should see the amazingness she brings to the world!  

It was also my pleasure to capture the opening of Flourish Integrative Health in Santa Rosa.  These three women worked together to bring a whole wellness center to the community, and their sweet location is a huge milestone.  They growing and thriving now, but what a gift to give them images that tell their story right as it evolved!

In order to get these photos to you and telling the story of your business -- there are a few options.  A full gallery of images (30-50 images) starts at $300.  Another option for our female business owners is to get you started is to come to one of our Headshot Happy Hours and choose a package with a few outfit changes and get your hair and makeup!  I also do Tarot Readings, so you can come ask questions about the success of your business while you're at it! :) I also do headshots for the entire business; I can bring my amazing hair and makeup artist along, and we can create our own Headshot Happy Hour for your team.  

There are lots of ways to tell your business story, let's work together to make it happen!



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