Frequently Asked Questions


This is more of a comment, but many many clients say: "I'm NOT PHOTOGENIC!!!" to which I say:


No such thing as a person who isn't photogenic -- just a photographer (or person with a cell phone camera) who can't see your best self, light or angle.  It's MY job to deliver you an image of your shining soul coming through!! We live in a time when we are CONSTANTLY bombarded with images of ourselves from folks who (while well-intentioned) don't necessarily know how to factor in all the things.  We weren't meant to see ourselves so much, so it gives us this totally conflated vision of what we look like.  

This is why a beautifully CURATED gallery of the best images is so important.  I go through with a fine tooth comb to make sure every single image we keep is your best -- whether it's headshots or events -- because these are the ones to remember.  

Ok, ok -- but I'm sure it matters what I wear right??

YES.  Now, I know this can be stressful (and if you're like me -- the LAST thing that comes naturally) but a little planning goes a long way.  The funny thing about clothes is we want to pick them so they don't distract too much.   

  • Solid colors and dark shoes -- this is purely to keep attention on your beautiful face
  • "Structured" clothes vs. very soft cotton. (Super soft cotton is great in real life and feels good, but in photos it shows EVERY little line, bra, undergarment, etc.)  Thicker material usually fits a little better and can be more forgiving of the parts you might not want memories of :). 
  • Stay within the same color scheme but not matchy-matchy.  There's some great examples on my family portfolio page.
  • For headshots and personal photoshoot bring multiple outfits that we can pick together.  Having a small gallery with a few different looks will serve you in ways you never even knew you needed!


What about hair & makeup??

This is a total judgment call -- but I will say that no one ever regretted it! There's a reason folks do this in the movies and for modeling -- it brings out your best angles and for those of us who don't walk around the world this way all the time, it can be nice to turn this part over to the professionals and forget about it!  There's a way to do it and keep it VERY natural looking in the photo, even if it doesn't quite feel that way at the time.

Not sure where to start with that??  I can definitely help whether it's a Headshot Happy Hour, or another kind of shoot -- I am connected to a huge network of professionals in this area and we can hook you up!

How many photos do I get, how long does it take, and how do I get them??

All photos arrive in a private online gallery that you can download directly from.  Timing and # of photos vary but here are some approximations:

- Portrait Sessions (Personal, family, engagement): 30-50 images within 2 weeks

- Events: About 100 images per hour of coverage, sneak peak(s) within 24 hours, whole gallery 2 weeks

- Weddings: About 100 images per hour of coverage, sneak peak(s) within 1 week, whole gallery 4-6 weeks

What's your hourly rate?

Depends. Everything is factored in to the request of the client including location, # of folks involved in the shoot, time of year, day of the week, etc. etc. Send me a message and we'll figure it out together :)

Headshot Sessions start at $350 (but vary greatly depending on how many photos, people, etc.)

Family Sessions start at $399

Weddings start at $3000

Elopements start at $1500

Event Rates vary 

Do you donate photography or give discounts for non-profits??

Yes!! All the time!! But it also depends on timing, type of event, etc. etc. -- please reach out and ask -- great work needs its story told!