Headshot Happy Hour


Hair // Makeup // Styling // Cocktails 


A signature event -- Headshot Happy Hour is the MOST fun.  We pamper our clients so all they have to do is show up.  A party environment works really well for anyone who might have a little extra anxiety about having their photo taken, wants to do it with a friend, or if a business is looking for a more fun option to update their headshots.



1. Happy Hour with your friends!  We'll take care of everything from the booze to the coordination.  We can do it at my studio in Oakland or at a venue of your choice. 

2. Happy Hour at your job!  We've done this a bunch and it's always a HUGE hit.  It's a great option if there's a social event in the evening -- then everyone's all spruced up already!  

Prices vary according to all the things, contact me with your ideas!